The Lowara Hydrovar is a motor mounted variable speed pump controller up to 22 kW. It is not only a simple to use speed control system for direct motor mounting, but an intelligent control system which accurately adapts to the demand and offers plenty of advantages for both the operator and the system.

The Hydrovar‘s unique modular design needs no additional master control and enables virtually any configuration of pumps: up to 8 master drives or a mix of master and slave drives, all without different controls, PLC’s or equipment. This is the long-awaited solution for high-level installations requiring fail-safe systems with a superior range of features, while its modularity also provides a cost-effective solution for low-level, reduced feature demands.

For applications over 22kW the Hydrovar Smart includes all control functions of a Hydrovar and can be combined with all standard frequency converters, regardless of the power range and the available supply voltage range.