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Water Softners

Autotrol, reliable durable water softeners

Harris Pumps and Filtration recommend the Autotrol Logix water softeners for reliability, durability and performance.

Hawke’s Bay water is notoriously hard. Water most commonly becomes ‘hard’ with the presence of calcium and iron. Hard water is easy to recognise. You’ll use a lot of soap to get any lather, glassware will look cloudy after cleaning, and you’ll see a build-up of scale in your kettle, appliances and around taps. If you have iron or manganese you will notice brown to black stains on your bath and in some cases discoloration in clothes.

If you have hard water, it's costing you money. Hard water shortens the life expectancy of hot water tanks, any appliance that uses water (dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines etc.), and wears seals and valves in your taps, pipes and fittings. A water softener will remove hardness and save you money over the long-term.