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Health & Safety

Health and safety for your water supply, pump maintenance and system servicing

With the increased demand for better health and safety practices in the home and workplace, you should include a health and safety strategy for pump maintenance and system servicing. Talk to us if you need advice.

Clean, safe drinking water

All water sources contain some naturally occurring contaminants as water absorbs substances it touches in transit or storage. Some contaminants make water smell or taste bad, and others can presents serious health risks to people, livestock and the environment.

We can arrange to have your water supply tested and analysed for harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria and organic pollutants. Any water supply can be filtered, treated and purified to make it safe for consumption.

Cleaning water storage tanks

If you store water in a tank, you should have it cleaned periodically. How often this is done will be determined by the quality of your water source. Tanks can also become contaminated if animals or birds become trapped inside and drown.

Contact us immediately if you become aware of a strange taste or smell in your water supply.

Safe pump maintenance and system servicing

When you choose us for your water system, we build it considering the health and safety requirements of the people who’ll maintain it.

Electricity and water can be dangerous, so we recommend you use our trained technicians for all your pump maintenance and system servicing.

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