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You need the right information to solve a problem. When you work with us, you’re getting three generations of knowledge and experience with Hawke’s Bay water. We know what technology you’ll need to build a storage, pumping or filtration system that’s right for you.

The exact date Vincent Harris opened the doors of the Hastings Machinery Exchange was known only to him. When farm machinery suppliers Booth MacDonald went into receivership, he snapped up the opportunity to buy them out and carry on the business.

The 1950s was a good decade for farmers. They were developing land, increasing stock numbers and improving livestock productivity. There was increasing technological innovation in farming, and Vin, as he was known locally, recognized the growing need for pumping systems to support this agricultural boom.

Never a company to rest on its laurels, the Hastings Machinery Exchange continued to grow into the twenty-first century, refining practices, exploring new technologies, and building continually better water pumping, treatment and filtration systems.

In 2004, Michael and Stephen, the third generation of Harris boys took over running the business.

They saw the need for a new name to reflect the company’s speciality and expertise, and so Harris Pumps & Filtration opened its doors.

"I have been a client of Harris Pumps for over 30 years and I cannot speak highly enough about the firm. The staff are extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and nothing is too much trouble to find a solution to any problem. They are also one of the few businesses to fully stand behind their products, a rare attribute in today's marketplace. Harris Pumps and Filtration is my no 1 business to solve all of our water needs."

- Ken McNeur - Station Manager - Waimarama ,

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